Are You an eCommerce Seller Who is Manufacturing Overseas and Selling in the US?
Do You Ship Direct to Consumer?
Does Your Product Have a Value of $800 or Less?
Are You Getting Hit with Customs Duties that Never Seem to Go Away?
Are You Currently Using a 3PL or Fulfilling with your Own Warehouse?
Are You Looking to Save Up to 30% On Your Shipping and Handling Costs?

If You Answered "Yes" to Any of These Questions:

Save Hundreds of Thousands

El Mar Logistics can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars on your 3PL and customs duties costs!

Located 10 Miles from the LA Port

El Mar is a family owned fulfillment warehouse headquartered in Carson, CA - 10 miles away from the Los Angeles port.

Minutes from San Diego

Because of rising costs in the US, El Mar expanded into a state-of-the-art facility in sunny Tijuana, Mexico, only a few miles from the border and minutes from San Diego.

Avoid Customs Duties and Tariffs

The purpose of this facility is to provide our customers with a creative solution to substantially reduce their 3PL costs and avoid customs duties and tariffs.

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Our Mexico 3PL Costs are 30% Lower Priced than Comparable US-Based Facilities

How it Works:

Our Mexico facility looks and acts just like a U.S. facility. Goods will continue to arrive at the port of Los Angeles, but instead they will be held “in bond” as a temporary import. Mexican duties are avoided because it is understood that the goods will eventually be shipped to the US. These goods can technically be stored in Mexico for up to 5 years without duty paid.

Because of US customs’ section 321 and De Minimis Threshold, we can ship orders with a declared value of $800 or less without paying any duty to the U.S. We apply shipping labels to the product in Mexico using our U.S. carrier accounts and drop the goods off at the nearest U.S. processing hub. No duty will be paid at the border and because we are using a U.S. account number it will look and act just like any other package.

Section 321

De Minimis Threshold

“De Minimis Threshold” is a technical term describing the $800 limit when using section 321. It means we can ship orders to consumers with a declared value o $800 or less without paying duty to the US. This saves you money, allowing you to grow your business.

We are 30% lower priced

We will make you a superhero by substantially reducing your shipping expenses and adding hundreds of thousands of dollars back to your bottom line – changing the game for you and your business.

Reduce E-Commerce Costs

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and start saving money

We reduce prices through lower labor costs, and by eliminating duties through section 321 by shipping through Mexico. Start saving money in your ecommerce business today.

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